The Red Corsairs Ride Forth

We are a group of long-time friends and old-school RPGers. There are six of us in the group including me. We don’t get to meet very often – we’re trying to get our little group playing a game night every six weeks or so.

I’m DMing our first 4th Edition adventure – we’re running H1 (note to players – avoid interweb pages about this module) as an introduction to the rules and systems as we have not played any D&D version other than AD&D previously, and I’m keen to get the rules down before we try running anything more ambitious.

This blog / wiki is for the players and myself to record what happened, and also to take note of anything of interest. As play gaps are going to stretch to over a month usually, this resource should be very useful for players and DM alike to keep track on what’s happened, and who’s who.

I figured why not record the sessions? So here ‘tis.

The Red Corsairs Ride Forth

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