The Red Corsairs Ride Forth

Session 1

Baptism by fire (albeit illusory)

Play date: 17/4/9

The Red Corsairs are a band of adventurers formed a few months ago (game-time), initially consisting of four heroes: Sky Steelman, a fire obsessed male human wizard of great intellect and wide reaching knowledge; Thom, a quiet male human fighter who likes to ‘take the hits’; Matasia, a proud female tiefling Warlord, struggling to be accepted by a society that seems not to care; Darrow Hornsgood, a dangerous male tiefling warlock, who does not hesitate to destroy his enemies, and is a strong and dependable friend.

Our intrepid party travelled to Winterhaven, a village in the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains. Two of the party members had reasons to visit: Thom had been tasked by a distant relative in the Church to look into rumours of a death cult – and to destroy it if found for a substantial reward. Sky was concerned about the whereabouts of his old mentor Douven Staul, a teacher who had left a lasting mark on the obviously impressionable Sky.

Not far from Winterhaven the group were set upon by a band of kobolds. They dispatched the miscreants, and proceeded to Winterhaven, where they arrived the day before market day, meeting several of the townsfolk and making new friends. Included amongst their new acquaintances were Eilian the Old, who was very ready with many pieces of information – relevant or not. They also met Salvana Wrafton, the proprietor of Winterhaven’s only inn, and Ernest Padraig, the village’s hereditary Lord (and owner of the inn), who had a very stout chin. They explored the town, meeting an elvish woman who had turned up to market a day early with her basket of flowers, and made a small profit from selling the gear they took from the fallen Kobolds at Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe. Bairwin was apparently from Westcountry – a seldom visited province far to the west of Winterhaven.

Having met with Lord Padriag that evening, and agreeing to rid Winterhaven of the kobold nuisance for the sum of 100 gp, they retired for the night, eager to start market day with a foray out to find Douven. Eilian had sketched them a map to the location of a supposed dragon’s burial site where he mentioned Douven had headed out to some time back. Sky was keen to follow this up, as the potential fate of his closest mentor was obviously burning in his mind.

The following morning they headed south towards the promised burial site, having decided to claim to have slain the kobolds. On their way there they were jumped by a group of slightly pre-emptive kobolds, apparently annoyed at the loss of the comrades from the day before. A vicious battle ensued, but our heroes won out, with a most savage Eldritch Blast knocking a hole clean through an as-yet un-blooded kobold skirmisher. Had the blood not been quite so pervasive, a round of applause would surely have been forthcoming.

A dragon necklace, carved from obsidian, that they found around the dispatched Wyrmpriest’s neck had a carving of a ram’s head on the base.Through the use of his extensive knowledge Darrow managed recognised this as an abstract representation of the demon lord of the undead, Orcus.

They survived the fight but it was tough, and they determined that the Red Corsairs might do worse than to recruit a Cleric. They returned to Winterhaven to rest up, and here is where we leave our brave adventurers.


Matasia is having an interesting time trying to get “motivate” the merry band of adventurers. She is sure that with a little coaxing, a lot of beating and maybe some promise of something more she can meld them into a force to be reckond with. Having heard rumours of an Orcus cult in the area, she is determined to wipe out these scum, meld the party in to a single entity, and buy herself some excelent plate armour, preferably magical!

Session 1

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