The Red Corsairs Ride Forth

Session 2

Through the Curtain

Game date: 5/6/09

Our heroes awaken to a hearty breakfast given to them as thanks for their efforts by Silvana, landlady of Wrafton’s Inn. Whilst at their meals, they notice a slight scuffle way over in the corner where someone, or something, is trying to escape the clutches of a particularly tenacious gang of table and chairs. Lurching from out of the wooden brawl comes a disheveled and apparently drunken dwarven character. A beard belies the apparent fact that this is a woman, but the voice that screeches out in call of beer gives our heroes the eveidence needed. This is Gary. Gary Catface.

After a brief chat where they discuss Gary’s background, and her possible role as cleric for The Red Corsairs, our party of five move out of the tavern to savour the delights of market day.

A short while later we find our party heading south east from Winterhaven in search of the den from which the kobolds are emerging, intent on putting and end to their pilfering and murderous ways once and for all. They encounter a group of kobolds in a clearing outside a waterfall, whom they dispatch in relatively short order, following one through the waterfall after a short rest.

They are immediately swarmed by over a dozen kobolds, who Sky washes down with a burst of fire, killing a good number. They set to, and are soon fighting a fierce battle with the remaining kobolds. They manage to dispatch the few remaining minions, and are just getting down to the business of finishing off the skirmishers when they hear the blast of a horn from deeper inside the cave, from whence come a thuggish goblin and two flanking dragonshields. Irontooth, the goblin, shouts back into the cave a phrase that only Sky understands (as his decision to learn Goblin at school pays off), ‘Be ready’.

The dragon shields move in on Thom, who has already taken a battering, and Irontooth is not far behind. Sky, thinking on his feet, casts sleep on the new arrivals giving our heroes the time needed to gather their wits about themselves to prepare for the fight ahead. Matasia, helped by Gary’s essential healing abilities, is kept very busy ensuring Thom stays alive whilst fierce fighting erupts, with all of the affected kobolds recovering from the debilitating sleep spell within a round. Eldritch blasts from Darrow ensure that the remaining kobolds from the first wave of the battle are reminded or their mortality. Some luck, a floating sphere of fire, and a lot of sweat and blood gives our heroes the victory in battle, but a couple of the kobolds cause nuisances of themselves for quite some time before falling to our the Corsairs’ blades and spells. Not least the Wyrmpriest who emerges from the gloom to almost erase Thom from the battle, before realising that a d20 is not the same as a d10, and who continues to deal large amounts of damage to Gary until being finally dispatched by Darrow, shortly after dodging an incoming sword hurled at him by the fast approaching Thom.

Our adventurers stop to catch their breath, and to loot the corpses for information and treasure. A chest is found containing a good amount of gold, presumably from the persistent raiding on the merchants coming to and from Winterhaven, and a rather nice piece of dwarven mail which Gary is delighted to receive. Found on the corpse of Irontooth is a not from his apparent lord, Kalarel, which reads:

My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter; in just a few more days I’ll completely open the rift. The Winterhaven’s people will serve as food for all those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding. Kalarel

Here we leave our intrepid party.


Well the motivation seesm to be paying off. Having picked up a slightly sober “female” dwarf priest called Gary, we set off to destroy the lair of the Kobolds and gain some excellent leverage over the people of this village. While traipsing through the countryside we were ambushed by a fair few kobold scum backed up by some dragonkin and some skirmishers. Setting to we found a slight problem with our new cleric. She has NO armour. She must have lost it in a card game or something as she has nothing but a sturdy leatehr apron! However tactics crafted the evening before came into fruition. Thom (thong the barbarian to his friends) moved into the front line with me as back up. Sky moved forward to flame large concentrations while using his dexterity to keep out of harms way. Darrow moved to a comanding position to rain long range warlock pain on the enemy. Sky managed to clear away a lot fo the scum, allowing Thom to go toe to toe with a dragonborn. We found that the casting circle gave us bonus’s, so continued to use that and the cover to our advantage. Darrow was jumped by some flankers, but I made the descision to go back and help him. Gary chipped in with some healing as required and a good few bolts of faith conjoured up from his obviously angry God! One of the scum ran off into the waterfall, the obvious entrance to the lair.

After recovering a few bits of gold, stacking the loot in a safe location to return for later, and patching our wounds we entered the waterfall lair. Upon our entry we were surounded by kobold scum and their bigger skirmishing brothers. Again our tactics paid off. Thom charged in and tried to concentrate the most bothersome on him. Sky launched flaming waves to burn them down, and Darrow picked off the skirmishers from afar. I launched myself alongside Thom to assist in concnetration of our enemy. After slashing our way through 15 scum and knocking out two of theit handlers we heard a loud horn. Their goblin master and two bodyguards came towards us. Skulking around the back apeared some dragon inspired magic user as well. Sky thought quickly and put two to sleep and dazed another. Thom moved to counter the dazed one. Unfortunately they were not as tired as we hoped and a bodyguard and skirmisher charged Darrow, Sky and Gary in our backlines while the goblin lord and the other bodyguard started to hit Thom like a piniata. We were forced to spilt our power and take out the bodyguard attacking our caster, while whitling down the lord. We had to ignore the caster who delighted in pouring fire into poor Thom. The motivation and helaing of Gary and myself, as well as Thom’s armour managed to keep him going. Then it was the turning point. One body guard was down, but Thom was out of healing, we just could not do more. The goblin lord was hurt, but kept regenerating like some god awful troll! It was it, all or nothing. Sky conjoured his fire sprite helper, and everyone else poured every attack onto the goblin that they could, 10 seconds later he was no more, but it was close. Gary, Darrow and myself charged the caster. He flamed us, but being a tiefling, as well as Darrow, we absorbed his energy, poor Gary was a little cripier, but carried on. Another 20 seconds and it was all over. They were down, we rested and then searched the place. A nice pile of loot was found, and Gary got to replace his worn apron with something more appropriate. we may well have to keep an eye on this dwarf, at least moderate her drinking somewhat. Darrow was particulary quite this time, a good thing I feel, he was more than able to concnetrate fully on his dark craft. Sky is becoming a good first weapon, and his arsenal improves each and every day. Thom has worked out he can stand and take it. Bolstered by his belief he will make a good shield to our party. Gary is proving useful, but now she can fight in the line as well, she will be even more so. I have found ways to motivate, cajole and bolster the party. This may work. I can see the road ahead. One Orcus nest is down. The start of my revenge is taking shape, the path will be long, but I will get there.

Session 2

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