The Red Corsairs Ride Forth

Session 3

There's a Keep?

Play date: 27/6/2009 Brief notes version:

Our party of five decide to press on to the excavation site where Douven Staul was last reported to be heading.

They reach the excavation site.

They have a scrap with a Gnome Skulk and his little gang. A halfling dies pretty darn quickly.

They recover both a +1 amulet of health and a slightly annoyed dwarf – Douven Staul. He reclaims a picture of his wife from the amulet, and let’s the party keep it as thanks.

The party levels up.

They head back to town, and notice that all are a little more nervous now. They endeavour to get to the bottom of this, speaking to Valthrun the Prescient and several other members of the town residence committee, but don’t get to the bottom of it. They do, however, get a little bit of information about the Keep on the Shadowfell, which lies almost a day’s march to the north.

They head to the keep.

They have a scrap with some goblins, and Simon falls into a pit.

OOC I’m ready to admit here that this was very much a cock up on my part, owing to my confused reading of the description. Have a read of the sentences yourself, and I think you may see where my confusion came from:

“Any PC moving into or past the trap falls in.”

I’m assuming this should be read as ”...over the trap…”

They thrash the pants of the goblins (they are now level 2 after all) and here we leave our intrepid adventurers.


Cool excellent update, when is the next session – bear in mind due to Baby madness i may not be able to make it so you might need to get a stand in ready…. but on the other hand I’ll just get in the way in the delivery room best let the experts do their jobs :)

Session 3

check this out – hes even put pictures in it!

I demand pictures!


Session 3

ah yes a new project for you to build anyone….

Session 3

I did start looking at a digital table top some time back – I think I mentioned it to the others in the first session. I was looking at installing an LCD panel in the table top itself…. there’s a good instructable here:

This one’s aimed at poker players, but my intention was to set it up as a virtual table top. Just need a BIG cheap lcd and some toughened glass, methinks!

Session 3

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