The Red Corsairs Ride Forth

Session 4

Exploration and Murder


Play date: 18/09/09

Our party of adventurers start to explore Shadowfell Keep.

They explore the immediate vicinity, ensuring that there is nothing of use in the barrels in a nearby store room. A couple of the barrels contain sand, and nothing else.

They move on to a large room which has been excavated by goblins trying to find buried treasure. A fight ensues, during which they take some damage, but emerge victorious.

The party then heads west and north, discovering a torture chamber in which they fight and defeat a group of goblins and a Hobgoblin torturer. They free a miserable wretch, Splug, from imprisonment, who promises to lead them through a secret passage to the living quarters of the head honcho.

Matasia escorts the hapless creature out from the group, and as they pass the rat pit she slits his throat, pushing him down the pit to be consumed by rats.

The party enter the quarters of Balgron the Fat, utilisin Sky’s magic eye to check the area first, and one of the party attempts to slaughter hjm in his sleep. Unfortunately Balgron awakens and runs for help. The party manage to kill Balgron, and his attached guard, and then they hold up behind the double door in his quarters where they proceed to slaughter the remaining 12 goblins in the area.

Here we leave our party.



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