The Red Corsairs Ride Forth

Session 5

How to fall down holes.

Session date: 6/3/10

Our party explore the rooms and offices of Balgron the Fat, finding nothing but a few smelly beds and a couple of barrels filled with sand.

They proceed south, travelling down a long flight of steps into some rough hewn caverns. Cautiously they start to explore the cavern, and it soon becomes apparent that they are not alone. 30 feet above them, amongst the many stalactites, roam giant rats apparently waiting for their chance to strike.

Our intrepid adventurers come across a double door which they bravely go through, despite the sign which clearly tells them not to. Twice.

They enter a cavern which appears to have once offered up a water supply to the keep. Now it holds a large pool of brackish water which surrounds a small island upon which appears to be a pile of bones and goodies, which makes Matasia’s eyes light up in delight. Our team approach the water’s edge, and discuss what to do next.

They agree that Sky will use his spectral hand spell to lift the goodies off the island in the middle, bringing it across to them. As they reach this agreement a rushing, bubbling, gushing erupts from in front of them and battle is joined with a Blue Slime.

The battle is hard and long, mainly due to a rather inept show of force, or lack of, from Darrow and some appallingly bad attempts to hit by many of the group. However they manage to rally together eventually, and in a final push dispatch the gelatinous menace.

The group loot the successfully transported pile of junk that came from the island, and find a nice shield for Thom, and a fair bit of cash. They also find a couple of missives and a map in a document tube. One of these seems to pertain to the proposed sale of slaves.

Our adventurers leave the cavern, heading back into the cavern above, and get set upon by some Giant rats which appear to have been sniffing around the door. They quickly dispatch three rats, and the rest flee into the cavern. The group continue to explore, and after finding a very exciting secret room (which holds nothing but a smelly bed roll and some odds and ends) proceed to walk straight into an Ochre Jelly. Battle is joined again, and Sky, having moved back to get range, suddenly finds himself being kept busy by a whole swarm of Giant Rats. Our heroes manage to end the fight fairly swiftly, killing the rats and the jelly, and finish exploring the immediate vicinity.

They head south deeper into the cavern system and come across a pit in which lies the dried corpse of an insect like reptile. Sky casts his shadow snake to have a look further down. The snake reveals that the corridor-like cave is riddled with very narrow fissures which seem to wind between the different parts of the corridor. The party progress a flagstone at a time, checking each as they go, and fairly quickly discover another trap near the first. They continue round the corner of the corridor, checking as they go, and manage to get to a point where the corridor opens up into a larger cavern. Gary moves forward into the gloom and plummets in to a ten foot pit, falling through the stone she has just tapped with her hammer.

In the cave ahead, a clutch of kruthiks guard their hoard, and all turn to the incoming party drawn by the strangled cry of a falling Gary. Matasia and Thom move forward whilst the adult kruthik hisses it’s matronly warning. Gary struggles to climb out of the pit whilst the remaining party members get down to it. The ensuing battle is harrowing for the party – flanking kruthik young cause headaches for Sky and Darrow, whilst Thom manages to vanish down a trapped pit at a key point in the battle. Towards the conclusion of the fight, Matasia ies dying whilst Gary states (in a matter of fact tone), “Let her die a bit more, I want to have a go at that one.”

They finally finish off the last kruthik and here we leave our intrepid band of adventurers.


Well we found out what the goblins were talking about (before we despatched them) There seem to be insect like creatures infesting this sub basment. However slimes are quite hard, especially when you have no ranged weapons, its in a pool, and the warlock has failed to propperly curse his dark gods today (an 5/6 attack rolls all session). However a heroic leap saw me land on the island and hack away at the slime while continually getting coated in acid. rewards were few, and still I am bereft of magic. Rats rats and more rats. Still those we could see where dispatched with ease, the rest ignored. More slime was encountered, and clever flanking manouver helped Thom take it out, even after it divided itslef. I assisted in many attacks, granting advantages to Thom who then heroically fluffed them each time, so I said sod it, and did them myself! Then onto the cave of insectiods. Sky was useful here with his bag of magic, though did not listen to advice about giving him a healing boost. Gary managed to fall down the only flagstone he did not tap, and then proceded to sit there for a while while Thom and I suffered the full attentions of the adults and the spikes of the brood queen, the girations and frenzy of the adults causing great pain to our shield wall. Sky and Darrow managed to take out all the little ones, bless ‘em. Thom then managed to fall in a pit while trying to flank the adults. With the reaperance of the queen, the loss of our fighter, I decided to risk it all to stall her. That I did and with the blood of my body mixing with the dirt of the floor, they managed to finish her off and finally get round to sticking a bandage on me. Some coin was discovered, and a couple of potions in a pit, but still nothing of advantage for me. When I see a trainer and a weaponsmith, I feel that I need to purchase a halbard or a billhook to give me some reach.

Session 5

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