The Red Corsairs Ride Forth

Session 7

Scarey runes

Playdate: 13/08/2010

Our heroes wake from a good night’s rest at Sir Keegan’s behest and head out through the corridor of sarcofogi. A quick prayer dispatches the skeletons that reappear, and the party moves back into the corridors in which they destroyed the zombies on the previous day. They approach one of the runes on the floor, and decide that jumping these might be the best bet. One by one they get across, until Gary manages to trip over her left foot and land face down in the centre of a rune. A terrifying scream makes them all run hell for leather back the way they have come.

This excercise is repeated a couple of times.

Gary redeems herself by spotting what appears to be a secret door. They manage to get the door open, and find themselves in a pretty featureless room. Gary notices a faint shimmering at the end of it, and the rest of the party watch her walk through the wall, and hear the moaning and groaning of more zombies. A close quarter fight ensues in which Gary’s turn undead spell has the desired effect, allowing the group to fend off the zombies.

After working out a riddle spoken to them by a disembodied voice, they aquire a nice set of scale armour, which fits Thom perfectly.

They continue on their way north, and find a large set of stairs leading down. They descend, and are confronted by a pair of hobgoblin soldiers who ask them for a pass phrase. And then attack them. 70 feet ahead of them, Gary notices two gaurds heading off to release a giant spider from it’s cage. The fight is fierce, but quite one sided, and the party dispatch the soldiers and then the guards wuite quickly, magically knocking the spider into the well after it makes some appalling rolls.

Here we leave our intrepid adventurers.


Matasia despairs at the lack of finess in which some party members show. The party and the Gods seem to be against me with no loot coming to help fill her coffers. How can I further the plans which I have, when I cannot gain anything from this party. Maybe my future lies elsewhere, with another group in another area. I feel that my path will differ from this parties path when we return to the village…....

Session 7

And a long came a spider….

Session 7

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