The Red Corsairs Ride Forth

don't come a knocking when the crypts a rocking

(written in the charachter of Krychik)

Well there I was in Winterhaven looking for some action, as my funds were dwindling, when I found a sorry looking bunch moping around at breakfast. Turns out one of their party had left the night before leaving a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. There were hiring, and I was looking. The mayor reckons there was some problems with undead down at the cemetery. As it was but a short walk, I decided to join this band of adventurers to see how we would fight together.

We reached the gates to the cemetery and found it deserted. Upon entry were were ambushed by a pointy eared barsteward and a horde of skeletons and zombie dogs. A sharp fight started. The elf was taken down with a swift crossbow bolt and some magic from the dwarf Gary. Tom made an excelent pin cushion at the start, but actually remembered to use his armour for the rest of the fight. The dogs took a while to go down, with concentrated fire from Darrow, Sky and myself finally doing it. Sky recognised the problem with the glowing runes, but seemed to have trouble sorting his thumbs out before finally ending the foul magic. I managed to recover a smoldering note from the elf, looks like the mayor set us up. Retribution is on its way.



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